About Us

About Us

Idea Builder Labs (IBL) stands as a pioneering force in FabLab and Makerspace design and management, unwavering in its dedication to fueling innovation, education, and community advancement. With a proven track record of crafting impactful FabLabs, IBL has solidified its position as a trusted partner for educational institutions, governmental bodies, and corporations seeking to forge spaces that drive economic value and empower their constituents.

Our Partnerships: IBL has proudly collaborated with an array of visionary clients who share our ethos of innovation and community upliftment. Noteworthy partnerships include:

These collaborations underscore IBL's capacity to transcend sectors, adapting its expertise to deliver customized solutions that cater to each client's unique requirements.

Our Expertise: At IBL, our core strength lies in offering comprehensive guidance and vital insights to entities aiming to cultivate facilities with real-world impact. Our services encompass every facet of FabLab and Makerspace development:

Impact and Legacy:

 IBL's influence reaches beyond design and management. We nurture innovation ecosystems, inspire individuals, and contribute to economic growth by cultivating hubs of creativity and learning. Each FabLab we create becomes a beacon of innovation, attracting stakeholders who shape a promising future.


Idea Builder Labs isn't just a design and management firm; it's a catalyst for change, a facilitator of dreams, and an embodiment of innovation. With a history of transforming spaces into vibrant centers of creativity and value, IBL continues to set the standard for FabLab and Makerspace development. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, community empowerment, and sustainable growth propels us into a future where innovation knows no bounds.

Founded and steered by Danny Beesley, Idea Builder Labs operates as a dynamic force orchestrating initiatives like FabCity Oakland, dedicated to cultivating self-sustaining local economies. Spanning beyond California, since 2012, Danny Beesley, with a rich 20-year background in hands-on construction, project management, skilled trades, and manufacturing workforce development, has collaborated with diverse educational institutions, city administrations, community organizations, and regional employers nationwide to establish a network of FabLabs. This mission aims to ensure widespread, affordable access to well-equipped, professionally staffed makerspaces, enabling individuals to acquire valuable skills, devise creative solutions for local challenges, and launch new ventures. A compelling illustration of FabLabs' impact is the successful implementation of the All Bay Area PPE project in 2020, which not only addressed regional needs during a crisis but also provided employment and advanced manufacturing skills to low-income East Bay residents.