FabLab Development

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Walt Disney

Not only are FabLabs reinventing education, they are also stimulating innovation in both the private sector and the public domain through community engagement. Bringing FabLabs to life requires a deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry as well as the technical skills required for engineering, fabrication and design. IBL specializes in engaging stakeholders throughout the entire implementation process, which includes the integration of the FabLab into the learning environment. Effective project management is essential for the successful implementation and integration of a FabLab.


There is a tremendous opportunity for schools and educators to ignite students’ interests in STE(A)M related concepts through FabLabs. IBL has years of experience working with multiple school districts to create customized FabLabs and career pathways in advanced manufacturing. IBL provides expert consultation and project management services for completing each project according to the clients’ vision.


FabLabs enhance creativity in any setting. Corporate campuses around the world are rapidly integrating FabLabs into their business models to increase innovation, local manufacturing and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among employees. The potential for FabLabs in the private sector is vast. Facilities can be established for professional and purposes with a variety of businesses or can be specifically catered to the needs of a particular company. They expand a company’s problem-solving capabilities in product development, breathe new life into team collaboration. Put simply FabLabs cultivate innovation.


Providing open access to technology for community members, promoting local innovative manufacturing, and encouraging entrepreneurship are a few of the many benefits of community-based FabLabs. They serve as tech community centers and provide community members with access to engineering career pathways. Communities with access to FabLabs gain a foothold in industry that is supported by local government and philanthropic organizations. Bridging the gap to educational opportunities is a central priority to the work undertaken and accomplished by community FabLabs. IBL has established community affiliations include Oakland and Alameda Makers, From the Garden to the Table, and the US FabLab Network.