The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter – for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way.

Nikola Tesla

Our Mission

Idea Builder Labs creates FabLabs that connect students, educators, and entrepreneurs to the world of technology and digital fabrication. By expanding access to hands-on maker experiences we play an instrumental role in cultivating foundational STE(A)M skills that lead to engineering and advanced manufacturing career pathways, which in turn contribute to a thriving, sustainable local economy.
What Are We About?
As research has demonstrated and in keeping with the White House’s Maker Initiative, Idea Builder Labs both fosters and champions STE(A)M education in order to create local employment opportunities. FabLabs are fueling the growth of engineering and advanced manufacturing career pathways through piquing a generation of students’ interest STE(A)M education. The continued development of FabLabs is crucial for rebuilding a thriving local manufacturing and engineering workforce in the United States.

Well-equipped FabLabs staffed by well-trained teachers are essential for aligning educational goals with the skills students must develop to be part of the 21st Century workforce. Perhaps more importantly they make learning fun thereby sparking an early and genuine interest STE(A)M learning.

What Do We Do?

Simply put, we bring FabLabs to life in our schools, public spaces and workplaces in the private sector. We serve as the catalyst that brings together all of stakeholders and benefactors needed to build an ideal FabLab. From start to finish, we facilitate the entire implementation process, which includes inspiring support from the wider community by educating them about the impact of a FabLab, raising funds and managing the budgeting process, securing and upgrading an appropriate facility, purchasing and installing the required equipment, hiring and training faculty, and establishing ongoing maintenance plans.. In short, if you want a FabLab built, Ideal Builder Labs has the expertise, connections, and proven track record.

Beyond the nuts and bolts of creating FabLabs we are passionate advocates for increased hands-on STE(A)M experiences, be it in schools or the private sector. We imagine a future where people of all ages, backgrounds and disciplines are active flourishing participants in a growing local economy.

Who’s Behind Idea Builder Labs?

IBL initially grew from an increase in demand from industry for hands-on skilled workers proficient in advanced manufacturing digital fabrication, or science and engineering. The principal founder of IBL is Danny Beesley who brings a decade of experience in the fields of construction, technology, and education with a focus on digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing. Danny has worked with a variety of clients and organizations, which include colleges, high schools, school districts, community based organizations, private businesses and even sovereign governments. Coming from a long line of builders, he brings his unique background in construction and technology to formal education settings. He has expertise in the following areas: strategic planning, project management, community building, lab design, curriculum development, educator training, public speaking, sustainable design as well as numerous 3D modeling programs. Danny also belongs to numerous committees and boards including the Oakland Makers Core Group Managing Committee.

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